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Providing Free Christian Music For Listeners Around The World is a not-for-profit Christian radio station on the Internet that provides commercial-free worship music in four formats: contemporary worship, praise & worship, Spanish worship, and instrumental worship. Christians in faraway countries, who don't have access to a terrestrial station, can now listen FREE to Christian worship music. The ministry picks up the tab for all programming, streaming and music fees. We are a 501(c)3 corporation that exists on donations to keep the web site and stations on the Internet.
God has truly blessed this ministry. Thanks for listening!

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Listener Letters

We are incredibly blessed and encouraged to receive emails every day from our listeners. We want to share some of those with you so you can see the amazing impact of Christian music and the wonderful ways God works. Thank you for giving our ministry the chance to broadcast Christian music throughout the world! Please visit our Contact Us page to send us a message of

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Inspirational Email

Sign-Up For Our Weekly Inspirational Email We all could use some encouragement and inspiration! So we will give that to you, once a week and for FREE. It’s our weekly inspirational e-mail and you can begin receiving it by submitting your e-mail address below. Please know we NEVER give this out to any other individual or entity and we will not send you other

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