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An Open Letter To Friends Of The AllWorship Ministry is a listener-supported Internet radio station that spreads God’s word every day through wonderful worship music. When we started over 15 years ago, we had no idea this Christian music would reach people in over 190 countries and territories. Our four worship streams have received millions of hits, and nearly half of those have come from outside of North America. We are so blessed to see our listening audience continue to grow, especially in faraway countries.

This ministry operates entirely on listener donations—we do not have the luxury of a foundation or support from a large church. The economy has had a very significant impact on our donations during the past few years, and nearly one-third of our entire year’s support comes in during December. So this is a critical time for our ministry.

We are committed to providing you with commercial-free Christian music for as long as AllWorship can keep financially viable.

Specifically, it now costs a little over $3,100 per month to run the ministry. That’s all it takes to give people throughout the world access to free Christian music 24 hours a day.

A donation of $10 or $20 makes such a difference to our ministry. All donations go directly to pay for streaming, programming costs, music fees and Internet fees that keep us on the air. AllWorship doesn’t have any overhead or administrative costs. So, any gift helps this music get into the hearts of people all over the world.

Anyone making a donation receives a free gift from us—the ability to listen to AllWorship on a premium stream. This stream has a higher quality sound and no interruptions whatsoever—just one great worship song after another. It’s one way of thanking you for keeping the ministry alive! Depending on your country, your donation may be tax deductible since we are a 501(c)3 corporation.

Won’t you help us reach people around the world? If you’d like to help AllWorship, you can donate securely above or mail a check to AllWorship, 9340 Helena Road, Suite F-121, Birmingham, AL 35244.

God Bless!
The AllWorship Team

Read what some of our listeners are have said about

Location: Mount Gambier, Australia
I stumbled upon when googling the words “worship” and “Christian music”, and since I did, I play nothing else. I thoroughly love having the worship stream playing from my computer speakers throughout the house and having the Word of the Lord through song, resonating in every part of my house. 85% of the songs I recognize and can sing to, which is fantastic. The beauty about this also, is that one doesn’t know what the next song will be and God can put the right worship song on just on the day when you really need it. To hear specific words that touch ones heart at that particular moment. This has happened to me many times and I bless you all at for such an awesome ministry. One that can touch the world with a simple click of a button. Praise God for technology like this!

Thank you once again to be able to be part of this wonderful experience of supporting you in getting the message out to the world.

Location: Unknown
I have been diagnosed with this year with cancer and overcoming it through Him via prayer and intercession from friends and my church members. It is so valuable to guard our hearts as music is such a powerful influence in our lives. Your mix of contemporary music along with contemporary praise is what I need to keep my focus on my renewed life!

Location: Michigan
I want to thank you for offering such an incredible selection of praise and worship music. I recently found you online, and enjoy listening in my office as I prepare sermons and Christian Education lessons. I’ve even been reminded of a few songs I hadn’t heard in some time, and it has given me more ideas for our Sunday morning praise and worship.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
I have been listening to the worship music while at work and it has really encouraged me. My prayer life has just become amazing. The worship music really encourages me and stirs me up. You are a blessing.

Location: Alaska
I just want to share with the ministry what a tremendous blessing the music has been. I work in the office at a Christian preschool so I’m at my desk the majority of the day. I found you randomly searching for some good praise and worship to listen to on the internet. I just love the variety and no commercials! Thank you for the vision in reaching the world for Christ thru the internet.

Location: Nigeria
I am so delighted I found your website about a year ago. In Nigeria most of the songs you play are not available in the market. And that’s why I love your station all the more. Please keep it up.