Tap Into The Holy Spirit’s Power

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My wife and I have a toddler. Over the past two months, we spent several weeks hoping that he’d start walking. Now that he has started, we spend days reflecting on the time when he was stationary. He’s reached a point where he gets into everything. Anything on or near the floor is fair game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that he’s

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A Simple Prayer

Boy sanding wooden block in workshop as he builds car for Pinewood Derby

My son Gilbert was eight years old and had been in Cub Scouts only a short time. During one of his meetings, he was handed a sheet of paper, a block of wood and four tires and told to return home and give all to “dad”. That was not an easy task for Gilbert to do. Dad was not receptive to doing things with

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A Love That Shows

summer holiday, vacation, dating and love concept - happy couple having fun over yellow lights background

Take a moment and think about someone you really love (or once loved). This can be a friend, spouse, parent, child, or anyone as long as you are sure you loved them. How did you treat them? What did you do to consistently show them how much they meant to you? What priority did they hold in your life? How much did you value

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Beauty for Ashes

Portrait of sad, depressed woman sitting alone in the forest. Solitude or depression concept. Millenial dealing with problems and emotions.

I often wonder about the Samaritan woman who had the privilege of meeting Jesus at the well. What was she like before that day? I imagine she was beautiful; so beautiful that she stood out amongst her peers. Yet beneath the surface of her ravishing beauty, was a woman scorned and abhorred by those around her. I imagine she carefully hid a well of

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Computer repair. Computer technician working on a personal computer.

In order to keep a computer “clean” you must always maintain the data by checking for any bad internal links and repairing them on a regular basis. If you don’t, your data can become corrupted and nothing will work properly. If the bad links are left unchecked too long, it will have to be shut down and undergo major repairs. Usually a lot of

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God’s Grace

These birds are designed to perform the traditional ritual release of birds into the wild.
** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

George Thomas was a preacher in a small Texas town. One Sunday morning he came to the Church carrying a bird cage, and set it by the pulpit. Eyebrows were raised and the preacher told this story. I was walking through town yesterday when I saw a young boy coming toward me swinging this bird cage. On the bottom of the cage were three

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Roadside Assistance

Handsome young man calling for assistance with his car broken down by the roadside

Many people have experienced it. And if you haven’t, you’ve seen others endure it. There is never a convenient or good time for your vehicle to break down or stop functioning properly. It’s frustrating, restricting, and conjures up nothing more than a feeling of helplessness. Particularly for people like me who are significantly challenged with anything automotive, I am powerless to resolve the situation.

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Using Your GPS

transport, destination, navigation, modern technology and people concept - close up of man driving car with gps navigator map on board computer screen

Today while driving, I didn’t listen to the voice coming out of my GPS because I thought I knew a better route to get to my desired destination. However, I was wrong. Very wrong. Not only did I take the wrong route, but in doing so, I ran into extra obstacles and road blocks. First, I turned down a street where construction was going

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Psychologist helping a couple with relationship difficulties in the office

It was a particularly tough football game, and nerves were on edge. The home team had been the victim of three or four close calls, and they were now trailing the visitors by a touchdown. When the official called yet another close one in the visitors’ favor, the home quarterback blew his top. “How many times can you do this to us in a

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