The Stethoscope

Doctor examines a young child. The doctor examines the child and listening to the heart and lungs with her stethoscope. He helps doctor by lift his shirt up so the nurse can come to listen to the boy's chest

A nurse on the pediatric ward, before listening to the little ones’ chests, would plug the stethoscope into their ears and let them listen to their own heart. Their eyes would always light up with awe, but she never got a response equal to four-year-old David’s comment. Gently, she tucked the stethoscope into his ears and placed the disk over his heart. “Listen,” she said.

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Bibs or Aprons?

Bibs for baby. Childcare in the home products.

I recently visited a fast-growing church in Minnesota to learn from their staff. One of the phrases that I heard while I was there was, “We want our members to wear aprons, not bibs.” Here’s what they meant: Bibs are for people who only want to be fed. Bibs are for those who are not yet ready or willing to feed themselves. Bibs are

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Jigsaw Puzzles

women's hands working on jigsaw puzzle pasing time away as a hobby

Maybe God made sure we invented jigsaw puzzles so we would learn some life lessons in a unique way. After all, here are some tips I’ve picked up from trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle… * Don’t force a fit. If something is meant to be, it will come together naturally. * When things aren’t going so well, take a break. Everything will

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A Vessel of Clay

jar of clay

The Master was searching for a vessel to use. On the shelf there were many, which one would He choose? Take me, cried the gold one, I’m shiny and bright. I’m of great value and I do things just right. My beauty and lustre will outshine the rest. And for someone like You, gold would be the best! The Master passed on with no

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Letters From Our Listeners–March 2016


Some encouraging emails we received in March from our listeners around the world: Location: New Zealand Comments: Absolutely awesome message. I look forward to your emails as each week brings some truth that can help each one to grow. Location: Suriname, South America Comments: Good day. I got on Allworship while searching for an online Gospel radio this morning. I was in need of

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10 Thoughts

Dictionary definition of the word Wisdom. close up

1) Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble. It is a “steering wheel” that directs us in the right path throughout life. 2) Do you know why a car’s windshield is so large and the rear view mirror is so small? Because our past is not as important as our future. So, look ahead and move on. 3)

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The Seed

Flower pot with the soil on white background

A successful businessman was growing old and knew it was time to choose a successor to take over the business. Instead of choosing one of his directors or his children, he decided to do something different. He called all the young executives in his company together. He said, “It is time for me to step down and choose the next CEO. I have decided

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Handsome young man on a lake in a sunny, peaceful day, sitting on a wood pier, thinking or meditating

We are blessed to have two types of peace: the peace of God and peace with God. When Christ shed His blood at Calvary, He paid the price for our peace and reconciliation with God. But in addition to no longer being separated from our Creator, when we walk with Christ in faith, we can experience the peace of God—no matter what is swirling

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Silhouette of a angry woman and man on each other.

If it can’t wash others, how will it wash you? One night in a church service a young woman felt the tug of God at her heart. She responded to God’s call and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The young woman had a very rough past, involving alcohol, drugs, and prostitution. But, the change in her heart was evident. As time went

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Letters From Our Listeners–February 2016


Some encouraging emails we received in February from our listeners around the world: Location: Ghana Comments: It’s such a great blessing using the power of inspirational worship music to draw millions into God’s presence. I believe in the power of worship and I trust the Lord’s using your ministry as a vessel to draw his children unto Him. I challenge all listeners to invite

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