AllWorship.comTM is a listener-supported not-for-profit Christian station on the internet that provides worship music in six formats: contemporary worship, praise & worship, gospel worship, Spanish worship, instrumental worship and Christmas worship. Listeners in countries all over the world can enjoy worship music whenever they want.

Mission Statement

We believe we are here to encourage everyone we encounter to take one step closer to Christ. AllWorship.comTM exists to provide listeners worldwide with a way to worship God through uplifting worship music in six different formats. We will also strive to have a comprehensive worship music website that provides encouragement through prayer, inspirational messages, and other resources. Our financial resources will be used to broaden our outreach and fulfill our mission.

The History Of logo

AllWorship.comTM was a dream that grew out of the closing of an Alabama FM radio station. Reality 101 (WRRS) was a 100,000-watt FM station in Birmingham that played Christian music. The station began in November 1998 and quickly developed an extremely loyal following of listeners throughout the state.

The station was financed by a group of individuals, not a large conglomerate. They had put up their houses and businesses as collateral to finance the ministry. After two years, the realities of the radio business forced the individuals to sell the station.

Since the original group of founders loved providing worship music to people, they started a radio station exclusively on the Internet. In March of 2004, they took a small amount of seed money and began to spread the word among their former listeners that a spin-off of the FM station was now available online called AllWorship.comTM.

In November of 2022, AllWorship.comTM was assumed by a larger ministry based near Washington D.C. – Atlantic Gateway Communications, Inc™ – an answer to prayer that affords AllWorshipTM more opportunities to share worship with more people worldwide.

Spreading His Word With Your Help

Your support is what keeps AllWorship.comTM streaming. This ministry is listener-supported through donations from individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. You are invited to share in the ministry of worship by donating and praying. Your gift through AllWorship™ is the fuel that keeps the ministry happening around the world.

Thank you for being part of our ministry and your financial support.

You bless us with your notes and your encouragement. Feel free to write us anytime at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

We at Atlantic Gateway Communications, Inc., doing business as AllWorship.comTM (“Company,” “We” or “Our”), respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through our Privacy Policy (“Policy”).

This Policy describes the types of information we may collect from you or that you may provide when you visit the website, www.allworship.comTM (our “Website”), or use our services, mobile application (“App”), submission to our email list, or social media accounts (“Services”). This Policy also describes our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing that information.

This Policy applies to the information we collect:

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It does not apply to information collected by:

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Terms of Use

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Gift Acceptance Policies

Atlantic Gateway Communications, Inc. (AGC), doing business as and organized under the laws of Maryland, solicits and accepts gifts for purposes that further and fulfill its mission. The following policy governs the acceptance of gifts made to AllWorship.comTM.

I. Purpose of Policies and Guidelines
The AGC Board of Directors and staff solicit current and deferred gifts from individuals, corporations, nonprofits, churches, and foundations to secure its future growth and mission. This policy guides prospective donors and their advisors when making charitable contributions. The provisions of these policies shall apply to all gifts received by AllWorship.comTM and organizations acting on its behalf for funding its programs and services. This policy does not govern gifts in kind or any contribution of goods and services directly used by AllWorship.comTM in the administration and delivery of its programs and services.

II. Relationship with Donors
While the primary purpose of this policy is to protect AllWorship.comTM, donors are viewed as partners in ministry whose best interest is also a priority. Members of the AGC Board of Directors, employees, and development volunteers are expected to operate within the boundaries of this policy and assist wherever possible with all available information, knowledge, and foresight to further the philanthropic goals of the donor and AllWorship.comTM.

To read the entire Gift Acceptance Policy document.

Music Submission Policy

We welcome all music submissions for airplay consideration. It is our policy that any music submitted to AllWorshipTM cannot be returned. Because of the huge volume of music submitted to AllWorship.comTM we, regrettably, will not be able to provide specific information on a project-by-project basis. Music that is selected for airplay will simply show up on one of our music streams. Please know that while we would like to be able to provide feedback information regarding music submissions, the large volume of music submitted, coupled with the small size of our staff, prohibits us from doing so.

Thank you for your interest. To submit music for consideration, please note the mailing address below:

Attn: Therese Romano
2099 Gaither Road
Suite 105
Rockville, MD 20850

Problems or Further Questions?
If you have any trouble, please use our contact us page to send us an email. We’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued support of AllWorshipTM!