What is coming soon?

What is coming soon is in part up to God and in part up to us. God is always doing something. Seldom do we know what it is until it is over. This is as it should be because if we knew, we might unintentionally interfere with it. Knowing could also deprive us of the lessons we need to learn as we go through “stuff”.

Joshua told the people, “Make yourselves acceptable to worship the LORD, because he is going to do some amazing things for us.” (Jos 3:5 CEV)

So, what is coming soon? Something good. Something spectacular. Something amazing. Something from the mind, heart, and will of God. Always good, it is and will be.

There is a danger inherent in what God does. How is that? There is a clear and present danger in the possibility that we can miss what He does. We can miss it if we do not live in expectancy. It is vital that we are aware that He is up to something that we are not privy to at the moment but must expect to see in time and at the right time–His time.

If we allow ourselves to be overcome with fear or distracted by other things, emotions, or forces, we could miss it. Worse, we may not even know that He was doing something because we were completely unaware of it. This is a real danger, in my opinion. (Makes you wonder what we may have already missed, does it not?)

Let me give you a real-time illustration: I am experiencing some physical challenges. I will say up front: I believe in healing. I have experienced God’s healing in my life and have seen it in others’ lives, so I say this not in theory but in certainty.

Some of the things I am experiencing have persisted for longer than I would prefer. In the process, however, I am learning incredible things. The circumstances are forcing me to press into Him in ways I would not otherwise. Is this bad? No, not at all. It is good–and this opinion is valid since I am the one experiencing these things.

Did God bring the afflictions? No. He is not the source of ANY sickness, affliction, infirmity, and such. These things ALWAYS originate with the enemy. If this was not so, Jesus would not have had to die for our healing (Isaiah 53:5).

Simply put: If sicknesses and afflictions were EVER of God, Jesus would not have been required to die for our healing. Jesus’ sacrifice took back the authority that Adam relinquished to the enemy. If afflictions were already under Jesus’ authority, He would not need to take them back. Make sense?

The question, then, is why we experience them. The (many) reasons–including our part in it–would be a very long discussion that could last for days, so I will simply focus on one aspect today: Though affliction is not from God, He can work IN the circumstances for our good. I am experiencing this “as we speak”.

Being required to press in as I have, I have received revelation I never thought possible. These things have set me free in ways I could not have imagined even a few weeks ago. FYI: Revelation simply means things revealed that you did not know. Though it is exclusively spiritual in nature, I am not talking about a “bright light and trumpets” mystical spiritual experience, but rather, knowledge and understanding that the Holy Spirit gives us.

So, did God bring the issues I am experiencing? No. Is He using the circumstances? Without question! And because the process is not yet complete, I have hope that complete healing will come. It is inevitable. How can I be so sure?

I am subject to the Kingdom of God. I am not under the authority of the kingdom of darkness. All that God has promised and declared I can be and have … I can be and have! This includes Isaiah 53:5 (healing) and many others. We do not have time today to go into all the references for what I just said. You may know them already.

So, what is coming? Good things. Spectacular things. Amazing things. I am looking for them. I expect them. I may not know what they are, when they are coming, or how they will come. I do not have to know these. I only have to know that they are coming and be looking for them. I want them for you too.

Are you expecting and looking? Any moment now …

From ministry friend Randall Vaughn.
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