When everything you hope for is gone, and everyone in whom you hope goes, what can you do? I know what most people do: They give up hope. When circumstances overwhelm you, and you can see no way out of the difficulties you face, what can you do? Most feel like giving up then, too.

I just read a post by someone I know who said she was feeling apathetic and lifeless. This is real life, happening right now. These are words that describe depression, and this is precisely where I believe she is and what she is feeling.

Feeling overwhelmed by circumstances is a lot like what David described in today’s Scripture passage. He said he was surrounded by enemies. He said, “I am overcome with distress.” So, in that situation, what did David do?

I am surrounded by enemies who are like lions hungry for human flesh. Their teeth are like spears and arrows; their tongues are like sharp swords. Show your greatness in the sky, O God, and your glory over all the earth. My enemies have spread a net to catch me; I am overcome with distress. They dug a pit in my path but fell into it themselves. I have complete confidence, O God; I will sing and praise you! (Psalm 57:4-7 GNB)

David did the same thing we can do: He turned his attention to God, who was his hope. He said, “I have complete confidence, O God; I will sing and praise you!” Understand something: He did more than just utter a few positive words. He turned the direction of his emotions and set his attention on God.

It is the same thing we can do. Real-life check here: Did David’s situation change immediately? Most likely, it did not. But David changed. His attitude changed. Consequently, then, his outlook changed. This eventually led to a change in his physical circumstances. This can be the same with us.

The kind of change David made is not a “magic bullet” (a quick fix). He faced the same difficulties after he uttered those words as he did before. If he was looking to his circumstances to determine his state, he would probably have been worse off. But this was not the case.

By affirming his confidence in God, he transferred the source of his hope to someone who could make his circumstances different. It would take time. At least for a while, he would still have the same troubles to navigate. He knew this. He knew, too, that he would likely still be hurting. But the change in his spirit would eventually result in changes in his circumstances. Of this, he was also aware.

So, what can my friend do? She can do what David did: She can commit her confidence to God (which she is doing). Her circumstances, though not different today, can become different not too long from now. There can be hope where before there was none. This is a point I want you to take away from this.

This is the opportunity you have today. If you are looking for a quick fix or a painless resolution to conflict or conflicted feelings, I have something to tell you: There is not one. This may not be what you want to hear, but it is what you NEED to hear.

What you should be seeking is not a quick fix (which does not exist) but a real solution that you can set in motion right now. You can have either. The responsibility of which you have is up to you.

To seek a nonexistent “magic bullet,” do nothing and wait for the disappointment to overwhelm you. That is all you have to do. But I do not think that is where you want to be.

To change the direction of your life, empower new hope, and engage a potential to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, you must make an intentional decision, express it in words (as David did), and then follow your decision with corresponding action. FYI: It does not work if you only say words; the corresponding action must follow.

Change your direction. Redirect your emotions. Take control of your destiny by speaking in authority in agreement with God. All possible. All real. And it’s all up to you. Now, what will you do?

From ministry friend Randall Vaughn. © 2024 Randall Vaughn • All Rights Reserved • http://www.e-min.org