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When I was a boy, we had an old radio that had been in our family for a long time.

On occasion, static would come on that radio, and my dad would just smack the side of the radio to make the static go away.

Could it be that when storms or difficulties come into our lives that God is just “slapping us” on the side of the head to say, “I want you to slow down and get quiet, just for a moment, because I have something to say and you’re so filled with static you can’t hear Me speak.”

Build a little silence into your life today.

Go outside with a cup of coffee, or step outside at night and just breathe in the night air.

Solitude is a rare commodity, but how we need it in our daily lives.

by Dr. Ed Young of


  1. Donna Beauchamp

    Thank you good people. I Love what you do . Straight up, good, access to worship our Lord God! Please always guard your simplicity. If/when I get some money, I will donate. I do not listen to your music – or any music because I am always distracted and I have no clue about technology. Maybe I will give it another try today – to sign up. I do know that singing puts you in the present, and like our priest used to tell us (half jokingly) singing prayers are are far more affective!

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