But Jesus still made no reply, and Pilate was amazed. Mark 15:5.

When Jesus was before Pilate, he was asked if he had a response to the malicious accusations of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  He said nothing.  He just stood there, still. Most people would have been pleading their case before the governor, but not Jesus.

It’s not that He had no power over them. He could have spoken a word or moved His arm, and all of them would have fallen dead. He chose not to reply or retaliate when He could have not only defended himself in truth but charged them with crimes as well. They had no idea Who they were dealing with, and they didn’t care to know.  They just wanted Him gone.

If you have ever been the target of venomous speech or accusations (and it happens all too often from people who claim to be believers), you know the tremendous strength it took for Jesus not to speak.  His silence was powerful, and Pilate noticed. In fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 53:7 that the lamb would not open its mouth, He made an impression on the governor of Judaea.

Being the target of malicious speech is a difficult place to be, and all of us would probably want to defend ourselves and do so with an attitude if we are honest. There are times when it is best to say nothing to keep the situation from getting out of control.  It is in those cases that we are the most like Jesus.  And who knows?  Maybe the ones who are cruel to us will be amazed and want to know why we respond in that way, giving us a chance to share the hope that we have.

From ministry friend Pam Rehbein