Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63;7-8.

There are several other Scriptures like this one that speak of being in the shadow of God’s wings and clinging to Him, so it must be something that we need to hear.

When a mother hen feels that her chicks are in danger, she will round them up and cover them with her wings from would-be predators. A hen will aggressively protect her chicks. An eagle will sit over its babies for hours to protect them from a storm.

Being under God’s wings is to be under His protection. God will fiercely protect us because He gave everything so we could be with Him. Because of His fierce love and His protection, we can sing in His presence and in the worst of storms.

Also in this verse is the picture of a soul clinging to God. It brings to mind the image of a child clinging to his or her mother when they are shy or afraid. They do not want to let go! That should be how we are with Christ. We should be so comforted by Him and comfortable with Him that we cling to Him like a child. Clinging can be for a variety of reasons: comfort, fear, peace, and calm, but mostly just because of Who He is. Other descriptions for clinging are to fit tightly, depend on, to clutch, or hug. Clinging to God is not something we are to do just when we are afraid, but daily hold on to Him, for He is our life and wants us to.

But you are to cling to the Lord, as you have done to this day. Joshua 23:8

What better place to be than holding tight to our Father and being protected in the shadow of His wings?

From ministry friend Pam Rehbein