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The Bee Sting

A vacationing family drives along in their car, windows rolled down, enjoying the warm summer breeze of the sunny day.

All of a sudden a big bee darts in the window and starts buzzing around inside the car. A little girl, highly allergic to bee stings, cringes in the back seat. If she is stung, she could die within an hour.

“Oh, Daddy,” she squeals in terror. “It’s a bee! It’s going to sting me!”

The father pulls the car over to a stop, and reaches back to try to catch the bee. Buzzing around toward him, the bee bumps against the front windshield where the father traps it in his fist.

Holding it in his closed hand, the father waits for the inevitable sting.

The bee stings the father’s hand and in pain, the father lets go of the bee.

The bee is loose in the car again. The little girl again panics.

“Daddy, it’s going to sting me!”

The father gently says, “No honey, he’s not going to sting you now. Look at my hand.”

She sees the bee’s stinger in his hand.

Likewise, Jesus says to us, “Look at my hands.”

He has Satan’s sting, the sting of death, the sting of sin, the sting of deceit.

Jesus has all of those stingers in His hands.

When you see that nail-scarred hand, realize that, on your behalf, Jesus took all the pain that Satan could throw at Him.

He reduced Satan to a big black bee that’s lost its stinger–all Satan can do is buzz.

That’s the victory that Jesus won for you!

by Frank Peretti


  1. Hallelujah! it is finished the battle is over, there is no more war and the end of the conflicts has come. Jesus has paid it all “having spoil principalities and power, He made an open show of them triumphing over them in all”
    Satan has no power over any redeemed child of God.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. jesus deserve all the glory am going to share this week on our music ministry rehersal God bless you and hello from colombia everyone

  3. This is a perfect anology. Glory be to God that Jesus has borne all our iniquities and erected an impenetrable tower around all those who call on his name. Someday we’ll see him for real and our joy will no no bounds. Come Lord!!!!

  4. Monica Oladunjoye

    This story made my day. Satan can buzz all he wants…am never going to be moved by all those buzzes.
    Thanks so much and GOD bless you real good for this illustrative truth.

  5. Hallelujah! Jesus took the STING on my behalf. So the devil is just buzzing around
    i know that he can’t do me any harm.

    Thank you All worship.com more inspiration to bless lives.

  6. Blessed assurance Jesus is mine. Good to know that the devil is only but a noise maker. Jesus my redeemer, to You I bow. You are the lover of my soul.
    God bless you all at All-Worship.com for this piece.

  7. This is indeed a wonderful message. Oh the joy it has brought to my heart knowing that Christ Jesus has taken the sting of death for us and has set us free from that terrible fear. Now we are able to love and serve him, having the assurance of his holy word.

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