I have another second chance to stop being self centered, and treat every human being with love.

To stop expecting to receive and start giving.

To stop hiding my sins from God and start living fully in Him.

To listen more and talk less.

To enjoy the world more in Thanksgiving to God, the creator of it all.

To take my eyes off my watch and listen to God’s timing and leading.

To stop criticizing and show more love in acts and in prayer.

To be less forgetful and be more committed.

To be less angry and swallow my pride.

To share with the world what I have inside.

To stop hating and be more loving.

To give a little more of my precious time to the needy around me.

To give more encouragement and a lot more compliments.

To do a lot less judging for the log in my eye is bigger than my neighbor’s speck.

To get my priorities in order and straight.

To stop hopelessly chasing after the wind.

From this point on, I begin to seek God more.

To find my way back to the God’s humble grace.

Never again to lose my place.

Oh God, I thank you for giving me another second chance.

–author unknown

6 Responses to Another Second Chance

  1. paul choo says:

    God saved me. My sins and not knowing Christ boomerang back to me. O it was suffering to near death.
    Now in Christ, I gain more chances in life to have my own house and a cat too.
    Joy too. Phi 4. Ps 2 Laugh with God wow

  2. Judy Yeck says:

    I am so grateful for these reminders of second, third and eternal chances that the Lord offers to us. If we could only learn to guard our thoughts and words and actions.
    Thank you!

  3. Anna Serrano says:

    It’s very encouraging and true wake up call to us all! God bless everyone.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful and full of truth

  5. Julissa says:

    This message touched my inner being I thank Jehova and the and the people that help get these messages to others out in the world. May God keep this going.

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