It’s three days after Christmas
and all through the house
The parents are nervous
about their checking accounts

They sit and they tally
the figures with care
And discover what they used
to have is no longer there

The lights that were hanging
shot the bills through the sky
and the bill collectors, smilingly,
are standing by

The fifty dollar doll
you thought was brand new
Has an arm and leg missing,
and the head broke off, too

With tears of depression,
you say “what a sight”
When you leave Christ out of Christmas
It never turns out right

No lights, tree, or present
could ever represent
The marvelous gift
that our God sent

So next time, my friends,
let’s get this thing right
Make Jesus Christ your all
And have a blessed night

–by Brenda Maxwell

3 Responses to Three Days After Christmas

  1. Angela Cooper says:

    Such an important message for ALL to hear! So true! Bless you for the reminders of what IS important in life – Life without Christ, is no life at all! May the Lord, Bless you for what you do for All of us with your music ministry!

  2. Glen Martin says:

    Three Days After Christmas,
    And how quickly it does pass.
    I’ll continue to pray for those that write their list,
    Hoping for next year,Christ is in their midst!
    So many carry that void,expressions of fear,
    But let’s all pray their heart’s be filled with cheer!

    ” Happy New Year! ”
    Together As One,

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