I don’t know about you, but it seems that the tests we’re going through are getting harder and harder. Do you remember when you took tests in high school? At the time they may have seemed hard. But imagine if you had to take an elementary school test when you were in high school. You’d probably¬†think—oh this is so simple.

So if it seems that the testing of your faith is more intense, it simply means that you’re graduating to new levels of faith. Our faith is being tested, and as we pass each “faith” test, we’re finding different means of being tested. I suppose in a few years, we’ll look back and think to ourselves—wow that was a hard test, but now it doesn’t look so difficult!

If you’re going through a tough time right now, be encouraged because it simply means that God is graduating you to new levels of faith! The harder the tests, the greater the difficulty, then the greater the reward. An increased blessing awaits you! Stay focused, stay alert and remember that God is trying to stretch your faith so that you can accomplish even more for His Kingdom!

–by George Whitten

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  1. Gedion M. Dlamini says:

    thanks a lot to get an opportunity of expressing myself on the test we encountered in life as a christian and a worshipers of Christ. to share with someone experiences i had came across in my days on this earth, i believed others can be inspired to follow the principles of the living Christ. it was April 8th at about 2100hrs i was at the lodge preparing to rest, to show that i had been in class on foreign country on a course i had been sent to attend at my work place in Swaziland. the call was from home informing me that my structure that was being built has been demolished by unknown person at my place! i was just alone there sited on my bed. hey, you know what i just feel dripping sweat in my face tag-tight as to what do i hear with my ears. i just wonder as to what does the the Lord God trying to reveal to me with these scandals befalling to me.
    you know what at times God put test to you just to show that what is happening to you is not to kill you but to push you to praise him hard and clear your ways of worshiping him according to his desire not yours!
    AT the village I’ve a task that i was assigned by the senior authorities in the area to be a leader in the community, just a headache am telling you! people doesn’t want to be told by a junior person what they should be doing.But myself the powers of the Lord was upon me because he gave me powers to lead those who are against me in our community and they listen me and we work together and eat same plate with them. The only thing i make sure that no one serves a plate to me whom is of my opposition side because you die once not twice! God Bless everyone to read this its true in life!

  2. Elizabeth Kathuri says:

    Great message for me. God bless

  3. Monique says:

    Thank you for the encouragement and reassurance. It’s right on time!

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