There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of secular books out there that promise to tell you the secret to success.

But you may have heard me say what true, biblical success is. Simply stated, success is being in the middle of God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Discover your gift–your passion, who you are, and what God has built into you–then do that with all your heart, and you will be successful.

In fact, I think every birth certificate should have the number 700,000 on it somewhere. That is how many hours the average person can expect to live. That’s how much time most of us have.

Put God first, remembering that no job done for His glory is too small, and no job is too lofty.

It can all be Kingdom stuff when we begin each day with a song, “This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118: 24)

–by Dr. Ed Young of

3 Responses to Each Day Is A Gift

  1. Pam Rehbein says:

    Each day is truly a gift and I thank God every morning.

  2. Kathleen Elliott says:

    Yes I couldn’t agree with you more. And when the jobs God gives us are difficult we must tap into our resiliencey that God gave each and everyone of us. Remember how Paul sang while he was chained to the prison walls and then the angels came and opened the gates. God knows what we need and how we will conquer the challenges he gives each of us. Reach deep into the resilient nature

  3. Thank you for this very timely message & yes, that Psalm 118:24 always inspires me! Thank you for the blessing!

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