Some time ago, two university students in Moorhead, Minnesota painted a mural on the wall outside their dorm room.

It was of a school of fish all swimming in the same direction except for a single fish heading the opposite way. That one fish going the other direction was meant to be Jesus.

Included in the mural were the words, “Go against the flow.”

Sadly, university officials argued that the mural might offend non-Christians, and told the students to paint over it.

God has called us, as believers, to do things that sometimes go against the flow of the flow of the world around us. It’s not always easy, either.

Noah built an enormous ark at God’s command. Abraham took his only son to be sacrificed. Gideon went to war against thousands of enemies with only three hundred soldiers on his side. The disciples left all their possessions and followed the Lord. And there are countless other examples we have to follow!

Let’s choose to start swimming in the other direction today.

Do that thing that God has been putting on your heart.

Hug that person who’s been on your last nerve.

Give away something you have to someone who needs it more.

There are many mighty and miraculous victories that God desires to demonstrate in our lives, if we would only be willing to go against the flow!

For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17

–by George Whitten

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  1. Arlene Joy says:

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