Today while driving, I didn’t listen to the voice coming out of my GPS because I thought I knew a better route to get to my desired destination.

However, I was wrong. Very wrong. Not only did I take the wrong route, but in doing so, I ran into extra obstacles and road blocks.

First, I turned down a street where construction was going on and the lane was blocked.

Then I came to a busy intersection, and the signal light was not working and we all know how most people pretend to not understand how to make it a four-way stop.

When I finally thought I was back on the correct route, I came to railroad tracks and seemingly the longest train ever comes. So I had yet another delay.

What should have been a 10 minute drive turned into 55 minutes. It also resulted in much frustration, stress and ended with a mind-blowing headache.

I was faced with all these unnecessary issues all because I didn’t allow the GPS to do the very thing I purchased it for: to direct me from one destination to the other.

Although by purchasing it, I was supposedly saying that I trusted it to do the job for which it was created.

Yet, I still thought my way was better. Look where it got me.

We often do the exact same thing in our Christian walk.

God has provided us with a life GPS, the Bible (A good friend of mine calls it God’s Position System).

The Bible has clear and concise instructions/directions for every aspect of our life.

God even gave each of us access to the Holy Spirit to remind and nudge us when we begin to get off the designated track.

Yet, just like me this morning, too often we feel like we know better than the GPS (Bible) and decide to go our own route.

The Bible says turn right and we turn left. We purposely block out that little voice that keeps telling us to take a u-turn. And what happens?

We find ourselves wondering how our lives got turned upside down. Stuck in bad situations. Facing meaningless obstacles. Waiting for trains to pass that never should have been on our route to start with.

And yes, God can get us back on track just like the GPS did in my car.

But first we must finally relinquish control and listen to it.

So be encouraged. It may take longer than it should have but you can get back on track and become everything God called you to be.

Direct my steps by Your word, And let no iniquity have dominion over me. (Psalm 119:133)

By Tanya S. Martin-James

5 Responses to Using Your GPS

  1. paul choo says:

    Sin will rebound to us. It is inescaple. Its the law of the univetse that operates. Its is like a boomerang. The law is to bless us. If we love love is reaped.
    It effects us financially too. Repent or change for our own sake or good. That is God’s desire to bless us not curse us. 2 Cor 4????

  2. paul choo says:

    I did not obey the Bible and did not have peace staying with my Mom for over 3 yrs. Many struggles and anger. At last i followed Galatiand 5:6 to be independent; moved to my own home from “Elijah House USA” teachings to carry your own weight. Sickness came with possible cancer as sin effects the mind physical emotion. Now I am recovering ??????

  3. Maxen says:

    What an inspiring message! Thanks, Tanya.

  4. Mr. Ngao says:

    Thanks for the very nice message!!!

  5. Joel says:

    I can truly relate to this message. I moved to Kentucky 3 years ago to develop a closer relaionship with my children. However, it turned out that my ex-wife moved, & I, although found a good church home began to drift, because my focus was on monetary things, & not Christ. I recently renewed my commitment to Christ, & now I’m finally starting to feel His leading in my life. It took 3 years! Oh my! So, if you’re out there, & struggling to find your way back to Christ. Be encouraged, & don’t stop crying out, & seeking Him. He’ll show up in due time!

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