After Jesus’ resurrection, He showed himself to the apostles several times. Once, they were fishing, and Jesus met them on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Peter was there, back at his craft, but swirling with inward emotions.

The anguish of his recent denial, three times, exactly as Jesus had predicted, mixed with the amazement and perplexity at the empty tomb, and finally the astounding relief and joy witnessing the risen Lord.

Peter was on an emotional roller coaster for days, but the issue of his denial remained unresolved.

The Lord’s encounter with Peter on the Sea of Galilee was to fully restore him. Three times, Jesus probes His beloved disciple “Do you love me?”

But this is more than just a quantitative restoration. The Lord is penetrating the apostle’s heart in this amazing conversation, because He really knows how much Peter loves Him and He wants Peter to know that He trusts him completely, even after his awful failure. So, Jesus gives Peter his lifelong commission: “Feed my lambs!”; “Feed my sheep.”

Jesus knew that He could entrust Peter with this responsibility, and He told him so. Peter was restored.

Yet Peter still wobbles, even as he receives his restoration, when he asks about his fellow apostle, John.

Jesus’ response, “what is that to you, you follow me!” settles the matter. The Lord is saying, “stop the competition, Peter. Those days are over, yet you’re still comparing. I have work for you. I have a life for you. Live it!”

The enemy would love to dig up your past, thrust it in your face, and leave you comparing yourself with others for the rest of your life.

But the Lord has a life for you and He wants you to live it. Your life, not someone else’s. He loves you and He trusts you to be who He made you to be.

Don’t allow your past failures or your present jealousies to prevent you from the life you’re called to live for Him!

–by George Whitten

4 Responses to Don’t Be Held Captive By The Past

  1. Wafaa faragallah says:

    Amazing. Your word just in time
    Really you’re God’s message
    Thanks a lot

  2. Leslie D Suggs says:

    Its Your Season To Upgrade And Expand To The Fullest Of The Glory Of God. Allow His Glory To Fill You With New Wine. Do away with the old wineskins. New wine cant be put into old wineskins. To GOD BE THE GLORY

  3. Olga crabtree says:

    Father, God thank you for your word spoken here today, thank you for the reminder to keep focus and set my eyes on what it is that you think of me and not the sin of caring so much of how others perceive the mess that I am or the accolades of men, when at work or in whatever I do.
    May, it always, bring glory back to you.

    Your word says, in Psalm 37,
    Keep my heart tethered to you, The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord;
    he is their stronghold in time of trouble.

    Lord thank you for George Whitten, and the courage you have given to him to write what was on his heart so others will benefit from the encouragement of your word, today. Amen


  4. Vel Cameron says:

    I really needed this word today. Thanks.

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