Address: Heaven

Many rooms with a Master Suite
Spacious love
Open floor plan for peace
Fenced-in mercy with room for expansion
Son Room with a marvelous view of salvation
Pool of milk and honey in back
Pearly gates in front

The only way to the Father is through the Son

$0. Owner-financing

Friendly angelic neighbors
Great family and friends
Praise the Lord all day and night

Crown of stars and new luxurious robe
Bring a friend and get a reward

Call our local agent and representative
Name: Jesus Christ
Address: Repent Highway and Streets of Gold
Phone: Simply dial John 3:16

by Pam Ryans

12 Responses to House For Sale

  1. Dolly says:

    Wow! what a nice message, thank you for sharing this “house for sale” ads. It’s unique. God bless!

  2. John Martin says:

    Great Inspirational Message! I have a mansion reserved in that house. Thank You Lord for sending Your only begotten SON to die for us!

  3. Amina says:

    May we all own rooms in this beautiful house IJN…Amen

  4. Jiby Rajan says:

    Me and my family would like to be a part of this house…..God bless us all. Amen.

  5. H.Ramnunsanga says:

    wonderful message..amen everything

  6. tsegereda says:

    it such a great message Bless you

  7. Susan Robinson says:

    What a wonderful message. God

  8. b says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful message.May we all rent this house in Jesus name.
    Gof bless us all.

  9. tope says:

    It’s all about JESUS

  10. Mabel says:

    I love it and wish to be there with U all in an unbroken circle. Bless you.

  11. Paul says:

    I love it. Thank for sharing with us. May God bless all of you!!!! YOU all rock!!!<3

  12. landa says:

    praise the Lord…wat a wonderful message…God be wit u…Amen to everything…

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