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The lyrics of that childhood song say, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” I sang those words. You may have too. Now, as adults, we say we believe this. But what do our actions say?

I question if we really believe that Jesus loves us because, in many cases, we do not live like it. Many live like He is an overbearing disciplinarian eager to punish them severely for the least infraction of “the rules” (most of which are of human origin). Others live as though He is disinterested in the way they live and what happens in their lives.

Few of us are as serious about Him as He is about us. If we really believed that He loves us (as we say we do), we would be living differently. I look at my life and realize that, for all I know and have experienced, I still fall short; I still struggle to accept that God loves me the way He says He loves me. If I believed it as He says it, I would be living differently.

This is just the hard truth of the matter. I am challenged by this simple truth. And then, for all that this is and implies, there is more.

We are loved by God with a love that is beyond our capability to understand. This is beyond our capability because nothing in our experience enables us to understand. Just as we are incapable of comprehending anything beyond the limitation of the three physical dimensions in which we exist, we are incapable of understanding God’s absolute love.

  • We–all of humanity–are already accepted by God regardless of what we do.
  • We cannot earn His acceptance because we already have it.
  • We cannot cause Him to withdraw it because it is unconditionally given.

We can, however, REJECT it. The truth on this point is that we were born in a state of rejection toward God. This is why it is absolutely necessary for us to accept Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

But it does not stop there. We must then accept His love. We also must then live in His love. And if we truly lived in His love and acceptance, our lives would be lived differently. Do you better understand now why I am saying these things today?

My challenge to you (and me) today is to make a decision to accept that God loves you and has already accepted you. It is already done. As Jesus said, “It is finished.” You must accept this by faith. Believe it because He said it. “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” Then, in agreement with your decision, live according to what you have chosen to believe.

You cannot earn it. You cannot cause Him to withdraw it. You can only refuse to accept it… but don’t!

Think about these things. Let them begin to “work” down into your spirit, past your “believing,” and become part of your “knowing.” This will require an intentional decision, corresponding action, and time. FYI: Today is a good day to begin.

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