You can be yoked up with Jesus and still try to live on the basis of the flesh.

Jesus said, “Take My yoke upon you.”

What is a yoke?

It is just a piece of wood that the ox puts his head through, and another ox puts his head through. Then the one in charge leads them down the row.

If a young ox gets in there and tries to pull this way and that, or goes too fast or too slow, that yoke just burns his neck and back and it is anything but light.

When we get yoked up with Jesus, if we try to operate in the flesh the way we always did, and try to go our own way, we will be miserable.

Jesus says, “Just relax.” And then His yoke becomes easy.

When He takes the lead, He is right there with us. And He moves us right up the row—right up the path—and leads us the way we should go.

His yoke, when we let Him take the lead, is easy. And His burden is light.

–by Ed Young of

2 Responses to Just Relax

  1. Donna Beauchamp says:

    Yes, thank you for this to test is really to have great trust and faith in Jesus isn’t it? I do believe, increase my belief my belief Oh Lord.

  2. Reena Jattan says:

    Thank you I needed this. God bless

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