Some emails we have received from our listeners around the world….

Location: United States
Message: I am a reading specialist at a school and always have the instrumental music from your website playing in the background during class. I believe music helps tremendously with discipline and with creative thinking. My students appreciate the music too. Although it is a public school, playing just instrumental music doesn’t seem to offend anyone. Some of my students may not have the chance anywhere else to hear the great old hymns, but they do hear them in my classroom. Thank you for providing this wonderful music. Please keep my school and my students in your prayers.

Location: Australia
Comments: Comments: Hi from Perth! I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for your station and the lovely Christian music you play. I connect online in my office and have the music running while I am working on my computer or while I am reading. It is wonderful to set the tone of worship in our offices. Thank you so much.

Location: United States
Comments: Over the years I have listened faithfully to AllWorship. Your station got me through some serious spiritual low points especially when my ex-wife divorced me suddenly and the subsequent loneliness the divorce generated in my life. I would put the music on and lie on my bed and eventually go to sleep with music still playing. Many thanks and keep up your wonderful ministry which is truly a blessing to the entire Earth.

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