Some emails we have received from our listeners around the world….

Location: Unknown
Comments: AllWorship is among my favorite ways to spend time. A fitting background to my reading, also. On several occasions now, I’ve had drop in visitors who remark about how peaceful they feel when this music is on. Once when someone noted the music, I offered to silence it and they said, “No, it’s comforting me right now”. You help me achieve a personal goal: becoming a peacemaker.

Location: Los Angeles
Comments: I sit at my desk the whole day long listening to All Worship. The first thing I do when I sit down is click on. The Lord reaches through your music to anchor me, reveal Himself to me, and keep me close to His heart. Thanks to Jesus for AllWorship.

Location: Unknown
Comments: I do not know where I would be without AllWorship in my life! I say this in complete honesty. I do not have a stereo and am not a fan of the local Christian Radio that I can get in the car, so I play Christian CD’s in my car and only listen to AllWorship online at home and at work when it’s possible. AllWorship is a part of my life that is so engrained in my every day living

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