Some emails we have received from our listeners around the world….

Location: Pakistan
Comments: I want to personally thank you for your ministry. Presently I am volunteering in a remote village area of Pakistan, with school children. I have no local Christian support and no income to pay for music. I was searching online for worship music and it was all for a trial period, then I needed to pay. Since I am not earning an income this was a problem :). I believe God in His wonderful provision led me to your website and I am ever so grateful. Thank you again it means more to my daily walk with Christ than you will ever know.

Location: United States
Comments: I just had to spend 7 days in the hospital, because a sore on my leg got infected. I played AllWorship on my iPad, 24 hrs a day while I was in there. It ministered not only to me, but to the nurses and doctors. I had nurses coming to hang out and do their “charting” in my room so they could listen to the music. What a blessing AllWorship is. I believe the Lord could have healed my leg without the hospital visit, however, I believe He told me to go, I didn’t know why until I was there for a couple days, then I understood. Thanks again for the ministry tool.

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