Some emails we have received from our listeners around the world….

Location: Unknown
I have been diagnosed with this year with cancer and overcoming it through Him via prayer and intercession from friends and my church members. It is so valuable to guard our hearts as music is such a powerful influence in our lives. Your mix of contemporary music along with contemporary praise is what I need to keep my focus on my renewed life!

Location: Michigan
I want to thank you for offering such an incredible selection of praise and worship music. I recently found you online, and enjoy listening in my office as I prepare sermons and Christian Education lessons. I’ve even been reminded of a few songs I hadn’t heard in some time, and it has given me more ideas for our Sunday morning praise and worship.

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
I have been listening to the worship music while at work and it has really encouraged me. My prayer life has just become amazing. The worship music really stirs me up. You are a blessing.

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