We receive emails from our listeners around the world every month and they are so encouraging and humbling to us. We’d like to share some of those with you:

Location: Nigeria
Comments: Hello Allworship! Just wanted to say well done for the good job you are doing. You bless my life on daily basis and make office work easier for me. More “strength” to your elbow! Thank a lot.

Location: Unknown
Comments: I was looking for some good stations that can play some good quiet music and I found allworship.  I have your station on my downloads and I love it.  I am also gonna tell you that I can’t donate to your station, but i am gonna pray that you continue to do what you do. I am also gonna pray for the station. My name is Juanita. I am totally blind.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Comments: Just discovered your amazing site. I have been blessed to my boots, thank you.   You now have another fan 🙂 Bless you!

Location: United States
Comments: I am a software professional and was searching for a source of Christian music to ease my work. GOD had shown your channel and I am not having words to express thanks to GOD and to you for this wonderful service you are giving to the whole world.

Location: United States
Comments: Since I discovered AllWorship more than a year ago, it has been played upon my computer in my office at the church every single day I have been here. There’s a host of channels, radio stations, cd’s, etc, that one could listen to.  But AllWorship is a refreshing and delightful choice! Keep it up! Ya’ll are awesome! The Lord WILL bless all you do in His Name!

One Response to Letters From Our Listeners – May 2013

  1. Dinis says:

    I really like allworship.com, the music is very inspiring, It strengthens my faith.

    God bless you all.

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