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Letters From Our Listeners

Some emails we have received from our listeners around the world…

Location: Arusha, Tanzania
Message: Our mission organization has been in Tanzania for 25 years, but we just got an internet connection. I found your station by “accident”, and have been very blessed to have wonderful worship music in the office now. Here in Tanzania there are no radio stations like yours. Just to find Christian music is nearly impossible, so to have you here is just an answer to prayer. Worship has always been my emphasis, but to find new worship music while we are here is impossible, so now to hear your station is like a breath of fresh air. We are missionaries and thank God that you have answered God’s mandate to you. Keep it up.

Location: Fairfield, Iowa
Message: I wish to let you know that AllWorship music has become part of me and listening to each day builds me up in the presence of my King. Thank you so much for such a wonderful ministry, I bless the Lord for you. Peace to you in Jesus name.

Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Message: I was amazed to listen this station almost halfway through the globe. I’m so glad, the songs are so inspirational and now I have allworship as my home page. keep blessing us with those uplifting songs. I’ve let all my friends know about this site. They are really impressed. God Bless the team behind the scenes. I know you go through great lengths to see that we have the best. We shall keep praying with you. Thanks again.

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