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Letters From Our Listeners

Some emails we have received from our listeners around the world…

Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Message: I just want to express my thanks for allWorship.com. I am in my second year of a short term missions project teaching Bengali Muslims. The city has recently been hooked up with a better internet connection, and I can listen whenever the electricity is on 🙂 I really can’t explain how encouraging it’s been to enter into worship. The congregational approach gives the feeling that I’m back at church in the US. Praise Jesus for this website.

Location: Manila, Philippines
Message: I’m an OB-Gyn resident here at The Medical City, Philippines. I’m a Christian for more than 10 years now and I’ve come to love contemporary Christian music. It was a surprise when I clicked on your site, and to my delight, it is a station filled with all the best Christian Music. Continue to bless others as you have blessed mine. It helps a lot listening to Godly music while doing your paper work here in the hospital. God bless, brothers.

Location: Deerfield, IL
Message: I have been looking for a Spanish Christian website that plays music. I am going to tell all my brothers and sisters at church so that they can pass the word and maybe listen to at work.  Keep up the fight, keep your eyes always on God. Your ministry goes farther than you could imagine.

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