Some encouraging emails we received in April from our listeners around the world:

Location: United States
Comments: I just had to spend 7 days in the hospital, because a sore on my leg got infected. I played AllWorship on my iPad, 24 hrs a day while I was in there. It ministered not only to me, but to the nurses and doctors. I had nurses coming to hang out and do their “charting” in my room so they could listen to the music. What a blessing AllWorship is. I believe the Lord could have healed my leg without the hospital visit, however, I believe He told me to go, I didn’t know why until I was there for a couple days, then I understood. Thanks again for the ministry tool. 😉

Location: Unknown
Comments: Bless you for offering ‘free’ Christian music. I am elderly and on a very limited income, finding very little free. Listening is such a blessing to me, and I just want to thank you, and to bless you all in praying for others to find such pleasure in your generous offering of praise and worship music.

Location: Australia
Comments: I find these stories great and am able to use them in messages when speaking mainly at an aged persons home. They also give me ideas to make something practical for the folks who attend.

Location: Unknown
Comments: We would just like to thank you for the Praise and Worship we have received since we found your station last Friday. The praise and worship as been continually on and the old and new are well mixed bringing so much that we remember and what we need to hear. Once again thank you for your ministry and we Praise God for all that HE is doing through you.


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