Some encouraging emails we received in April from our listeners around the world:

Location: Ontario, Canada
Comments: I really appreciate this station–it keeps me calm and focused throughout the day no matter what I’m doing! So wonderful to be bathed in worship all day long, even when surrounded by the secular world. Keep up the great work!

Location: United States
Comments: AllWorship continues to be a blessing in my life; I listen daily. When I first found the station last April I was awaiting a cancer diagnosis. A particular song really ministered to me—God Of The Ages. It was a word in due season. Have a blessed day!

Location: Unknown
Comments: Our home is filled with much of what God has for us. The variety of music AllWorship has supplied our home has been such a blessing. Setting an atmosphere of praise is a must for us. Making sure Jesus stays on the throne of our hearts is the essential thing! Thank you!

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