Some encouraging letters we received in August from our listeners around the world:

Location: Cebu, Philippines
Comments: I’m an online and offline ESL teacher here in Cebu. I really love to listen to all worship songs and I always share to my colleagues your messages and also for the purpose of sharing God’s words. Thank you very much for enlightening and for uplifting other people through your messages. I highly appreciate it.

Location: Ghana
Comments: I love every song you play. I stream online via iTunes from Ghana, Africa.

Location: Unknown
Comments: All worship blesses me so much. I pay bills on Saturday evening–our check to Church and various ministries and charities. I so look forward to that hour and a half because I listen to your praise stream. It takes the bite of the bills and gets me ready for worship.

Location: Nevada City, California
Comments: I think AllWorship radio is fantastic. The music is well chosen; truly the kind that takes you to the throne of God. It lifts Him up and gives Him His rightful place and that is why I will be listening to this station every day!

Location: Bronx, New York
Comments: Oh what a blessing to listen to allworship Praise & Worship online all day. Someone told me about your website and I have been listening to the songs at work and at home with my kids. My kids love it and they can sing most of the songs. God has used the songs you play to speak to me on some specific issues in my life that if I should write will not fit the space provided, all that I will say is that may the good Lord who inhabits in our praises continue to cause His face to shine upon you all who are behind this great ministry. I say keep up the good work and God bless you.

One Response to Letters From Our Listeners–August 2013

  1. Darlyn says:

    Thank you Allworship! I really love the stories you made.I pray for wisdom and annointing be upon to you all. Thank you for blessing people. God Bless!


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