Some encouraging emails we received in December from our listeners around the world:

Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Comments: I have been listening to AW for the past six years. I am a CFO and spend a lot of time at the office so naturally I need a balance and I stream Praise & Worship all day long. This has been a tremendous blessing and my wife and three kids enjoy it as well.

Location: United States:
Comments: I can’t tell you what a blessing I am getting from your Christian instrumental music ministry. I am on a tight budget but do plan to donate. Thank you for what you do.

Location: Unknown
Comments: It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to support this ministry. I strongly enjoy the music you play and I feel a powerful anointing on it. I live and work as house manager and house mom at a faith based women’s transitional home and I play it throughout the home to set a positive atmosphere of worship and praise.

Location: Victoria, Canada
Comments: What a God send you truly are for me! Thank you so much. I am a dedicated listener of a radio station here but as of Thanksgiving day they play only Christmas carols. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas Carols, but it’s just too much. I crave my Christian music! I do not have a CD player, only in my car, and even the Christian radio programs on my TV are all playing Christmas carols. So finally, at long last, I decided to Google Christian online music and got you guys. I love, love, love what you are playing! Thank you for truly blessing me and I’m sure many, many others with your great Christian music.

2 Responses to Letters From Our Listeners–December 2014

  1. Dorothy Victor says:

    Being created by God, we all have the potential for being superstars in the kingdom if only we allow ourselves to accept His help…..

    Indeed your believe in Lord Jesus will save her and heal her……. YOu will see it with your eyes.

  2. vijayan says:

    Please pray for my mother she is sick and myself

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