Some encouraging emails we received in December from our listeners around the world:

Location: Unknown
Comments: Thank you for this awesome message. We are blessed as I send this out to around a hundred other believers around the world. Praise God for what you people do. Thank you for this awesome message.

Location: United States
Comments: AllWorship, you have blessed me beyond words with your 24/7 Christian music. I’m overwhelmed by it all! God bless you abundantly and may the light you shine ever so brightly continue to shine into so many dark lives in these end times! Bountiful blessings and love.

Location: Toronto
Comments: I’m at a critical time in my life where I have papers upon papers to write for my first semester in seminary. Your instrumental playlists have helped me focus and de-stress tremendously. Thank you so much, and may God continue to bless and sustain this online ministry.

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