Some encouraging emails we received in December from our listeners around the world:

Location: Malaysia
Comments: I always find your newsletters a wonderful inspiration. It’s really amazing how an online ministry like yours can be so profound in touching so many lives globally, even in the farther reaches where professing the love for Christ can bring on oneself condemnation and persecution. At least for now, I’m grateful to God Almighty that we in Malaysia still have the freedom to practice our faith in Christ. Keep up the good work.

Location: South Africa
Comments: Good day, I just wanted to say I’m really impressed with your music. A lot of times I listen to Christian music and it’s not really something I enjoy as I don’t know the song or just not in the mood. When I tuned into your station, the very first 3 songs I knew and was singing along. Thank you for being such an amazing radio station and being an inspiration to many.

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