We receive numerous emails from our listeners around the world every month and love sharing those with you:

Location: Slovakia
Comments: I love your music! I grew up on many of these songs (almost all of them), so they bring me back to the time when I gave my life to Jesus. They’re very anointed, and their lyrics say about simple and crucial Bible truths. May God bless you for your service, for we can all worship God along with you.

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Comments: I listen to your music ministry all the night, I have an orphanage in Uganda. May God bless your ministry.

Location: Unknown
Comments: Sure do appreciate your music. We use it every morning to play before and during our Bible Study together. It makes for an awesome experience with our Lord!

Location: Nigeria
Comments: I don’t know how to thank you but you are a blessing to me both in word and in the uplifting music. May the lord keep you and uphold this ministry that more may be reached and touched in Jesus name.

Location: Unknown
Comments: All worship is such a blessing to me. I found the station on iTunes and I’ve been listening almost everyday. I must say I’ve recorded on my phone so I can listen on the go and at work when I have no internet. God richly bless you for such work. It’s my prayer that listeners will experience healing, deliverance and breakthrough throughout the world in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2 Responses to Letters From Our Listeners–February 2013

  1. unknown says:

    I suffered a heart attack. with a defiblalator and the stint and medical mircrcle by GOD ALONE I am here almost a year from coming home from a nursing home. I had to check you achieves to find encourgement when I had none that time of my own. Many night I cried and prayed to the ceiling who knew but God why I was there Nate on a facebook challenge me… I don’t even know if he a christian is alive now… But he said God uses pain sometimes as the megphone to a worldly world to wake us up some times.. well that sometime was Feb 23. 2013 Thank you for your minjstery to a sage of 69 and I’ll make it to 100 the LORD WILLING unkown

  2. AMOS ABINI says:


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