Some encouraging letters we received in February from our listeners around the world:

Location: Unknown
Comments: AllWorship is an uplifting music station of worship from Heaven! It has taken me out of the blues again and again, sometimes from a hospital room. Thank you endlessly!

Location: Bangalore
Comments: I have been listening to your online audio stream. Thank you so much for this ministry. I am blessed a lot with your ministry. God Bless u for the work you are doing. I will surely pray for your ministry that God will take it to greater heights for HIS glory.

Location: Boston
Comments: I have listened to AllWorship for a couple of years every day at work. I have a stressful job part of the year and your music and worship have calmed me when I needed it most. Christian life can be difficult but worship always helps and reminds us that the Lord is worthy to be praised, no matter what!  Thank you.

Location: California
Comments: I’ve been listening to your Praise & Worship music for the past two evenings and it’s wonderful! I listened to it while doing my chores and after about two hours I’m ready to go to sleep. What a wonderful way to wind down after a busy day! You have the best mix of Praise and Worship songs.

Location: United States
Comments: Praise God. I found you on Sky Angel before they closed down! I LOVE the music because it is the Praise & Worship music we have loved for years and I have led from the keyboard for 20 years. I listen all the time at work! As long as we get the net, we’ll have your music!!! Love you guys! Keep the music coming.

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