Some encouraging emails we received in February from our listeners around the world:

Location: Nigeria
Comments: The first day I listened to praise and worship, I was lifted up in the spirit, I felt like flying and was totally touched in the heart. That made me to always listen to praise and worship presented by Allworship which is really heart-touching. I thank Allworship ministry for their well doing job. May our Lord Jesus bless and sponsor the ministry. In Jesus name.

Location: Ohio
Comments: I find your music so uplifting. I like leaving my computer on AllWorship a lot during my day and night. Just as God has promised, we are never alone. Listening to your station, I know indeed that to be true. Thank you.

Location: South Africa
Comments: Your email is one that I send to everyone in the office, Christian and non-Christian, because they are so thought provoking. Here in South Africa, we need this type of food for thought. Otherwise, we just get wrapped up in all the wrongs that are done and people tend to harp on that instead of trying to make a difference.

Location: Virginia
Comments: I listen to you at work. Just keeping it where I can hear it, keep my heart and mind in the right place while dealing with so many people and issues. It is a real blessing.

2 Responses to Letters From Our Listeners—February 2015

  1. Peter Craft says:

    Currently I am the only Christian in my workplace. Because of this, I feel the call and need to be God’s light in a place where He is not known. Each day I stream Allworship through my computer as I work. It is constantly uplifting, as it reminds me of God’s presence, even here at my desk. It also reminds me what a wonderful God we serve. Thank you for this great service to Christians all over the world.

  2. Emmanuel Anudu says:

    The allworship radio is a great blessing to me especially in nations where religious radio stations are not permitted to avoid religious internal conflicts; one as a Christian or admirer can get comfort from your radio station which gets far and near. It is far reaching. Keep it up. The newsletters have always been blessing full. Thank you and God bless you. From Nigeria.

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