Some encouraging emails we received in January from our listeners around the world:

Location: Unknown
Comments: For years I’ve listened to your music during challenging times. Lately I’ve been sick with high blood pressure and erratic heart rate. I put on which streams true worship songs. These songs have ministered to my soul and helped me make it through the day. Be it emotional pain or physical pain, your music ministry has lifted my soul and guided me to worship God in good times and in bad times. I thank God and thank you for this ministry.

Location: United States
Comments: I cannot tell you enough how very much I love the station, the music and the impact it has in my life. Stress is minimized because of the love of Christ that I feel in my heart and it is underscored by the wonderful worship music I get to listen to all day – thank you for being there!!!

Location: Unknown
Comments: Thank you for this awesome message. We are blessed as I send this out to around a hundred other believers around the world. Praise God for what you people do.

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