We receive emails from our listeners around the world every month and they are so encouraging and humbling to us. We’d like to share some of those with you:

Location: Nigeria
Comments: The first day I listened to praise and worship, I was lifted up in the spirit, I felt like flying and was totally touched in the heart. That made me to always listen to praise and worship presented by Allworship which is really heart-touching. I thank Allworship ministry for their well doing job. May our Lord Jesus Bless and sponsor the ministry In Jesus Name.

Location: United States
Comments: I think of the 24/7 stream of Christian Music on the internet as a form of “cybergrace” I think it brings a blessing to whomever listens. Please don’t ever succumb to commercial or sponsored programming. God will provide!

Location: Unknown
Comments: I praise you guys for the awesome job you are doing. I work long hours and when I come home I spend time with my wife. Then, I listen to your praise and worship until I’m tired so to me, this is important and when I found your website I thought that it was an answered prayer. I want to thank you guys for the awesome job and may God Almighty give you guys the biggest blessing ever. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Location: United States
Comments: Great job. Thank you. You are blessed by the Creator of the Universe. I hope to bless you financially in the future.


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