We receive emails from our listeners around the world every month and they are so encouraging and humbling to us. We’d like to share some of those with you:

Location: United States
Comments: In June, 2014 my husband suffered a widow maker heart attack that was then complicated by a massive lung hemorrhage. He was given 30 minutes to live, then 12 hours, then brain death, and finally brain damage prognosis. He had the onset of multi organ failure, pneumonia, and needed seven units of blood products. He was on life support for 8 days, and when finally awakened, suffered from extreme anxiety due to the brain injury. On day 11, he was finally able to moved out of CVICU into a regular cardiac room. As he struggled through the next 9 days, learning how to swallow, and struggling with the anxiety, I found AllWorship online and played it softly in the background day after day. I do believe it helped calm us both. As Paul Harvey used to say, “and now for the rest of the story.” We had been out of church for years. Through a series of events, we had come to believe that God was done with us. We were hurt, disillusioned and without hope. But, God isn’t finished with us. He was there when it was just my husband and I. He was there when I did CPR, and through the next awful days. My husband, sitting 3 feet from me, was dead when I reached him, and walked out of the hospital 20 days later. God did many miracles for us. AllWorship played an important part in our recovery. You provided the first worship music we had heard in years. Thank you for being there.

Location: England
Comments: I’m happy to find a Christian music website where I can listen whenever I want to. Praise the Lord for you! Just got my new lap-top and you are the first ministry I found worship music on.

Location: Unknown
Comments: Currently I am the only Christian in my workplace. Because of this, I feel the call and need to be God’s light in a place where He is not known. Each day I stream AllWorship through my computer as I work. It is constantly uplifting, as it reminds me of God’s presence, even here at my desk. It also reminds me what a wonderful God we serve. Thank you for this great service to Christians all over the world.

Location: United States
Comments: I pray that God blesses you greatly for answering His call to provide worship music throughout the Internet world!

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