Some letters we received in October from our listeners located in all corners of the world:

Location: Kenya
Comments: I am listening your station all the way from Nairobi. I happened to come across your site yesterday and I am much overwhelmed by the nice worship and praise songs you are playing. The music is making my heart feel alive and is encouraging me to glorify and be true to God. Thanks a lot. Much love.

Location: Arizona
Comments: Last week, my world got a bit rearranged after a severe leg break riding my dirt bike in the remote mountains.  Now that my right leg is more titanium than bone, I was finding that the silence was good, but not for ALL my waking hours! I started contemplating putting together a music library of just pure worship but fortunately found first. Yesterday was a solid 16 hours of AllWorship. All I can say is thanks. Your ministry is a blessing to me. Spontaneous worship, and my house resonating with the holiness of praise. A healing environment, for sure, as the Lord prepares me for the testimony of what he is doing in me in this very different season of being still by His quiet waters.

Location: Maryland
Comments: I just got back from overseas trip to East Africa, India & Germany. While I was traveling, AllWorship was only website was working when I typed in “online Christian music.” I really appreciate your ministry.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Comments: I earnestly pray to God for a day that I will be able to support you guys financially. The worship takes me to another realm in the spirit. God bless your team.

Location: Unknown
Comments: AllWorship is a blessing to me and to several of those who work in my office. The opportunity to listen to the type of music we may need for any given day, is such a blessing. Some days, I know I need just the instrumental praise and then other days I need contemporary praise. Thank you so much.

2 Responses to Letters From Our Listeners–October 2012

  1. Nona Neese says:

    This is my first time listening to, Just wanted to say: I’m Thankful for Free Internet Radio without Toolbar Download and worth my monthly donations for sure. Thanks All Worship and God Bless!.

  2. Keri Lynn Siegel says:

    God has called me to write for ministry and He gives me my best poetry, song lyrics, and articles for my church newsletter as I am listening to your station. It is a tremendous blessing to me. It ushers in the Presence of God and sets the atmosphere making what He is speaking really clear so that I can write effectively. Without the praise and worship in the background, I frequently get writer’s block from the distractions around me. The praise and worship keeps me Kingdom focused and centered on Him.

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