We receive emails from our listeners around the world every month and they are so encouraging and humbling to us. We’d like to share some of those with you:

Location: United States
Comments: This story on your blog is just what I need. Thank God for this message. Was hurting and waiting for day break to ask my husband for separation but then I came across this. Indeed God is faithful.

Location: Unknown.
Comments: Great radio station! You’re doing a great job as a missionary just by letting people hear this music around the world. Mega Blessings.

Location: Afghanistan
Comments: I love listening to Allworship.com. I am trying to listen to only gospel and eliminate all secular music–no matter how danceable the tune, or catchy the chorus and I am grateful to have Allworship.com which is 24 hours.

Location: United States
Comments: I need to say thank you for the weekly All Worship email message.  Each week, I send out an email reminding our men of our fellowship meeting. I add the message every week. Almost every week someone comments how the message hit them right where they live. Sounds like the Holy Spirit to me. Thank you.

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