Some encouraging emails we received in September from our listeners around the world:

Location: Maine
Comments: I want to thank you so very much. I thank God for finding you. I am having a very hard time dealing with the loss of my husband of 36 years. I have AllWorship on all the time and your music helps me deal with my grief. May everyone with your ministry be blessed many times over.

Location: Mtunzini, the east coast of South Africa
Comments: Love listening to your music while I work. Thanks and Blessings.

Location: Unknown
Comments: I am so thankful that you have God’s vision to make praise and worship music available to listeners 24/7 commercial-free. I am a freelance journalist whom God has called and your station sets my atmosphere so that I can hear His guidance and direction for each piece that I write and produce pieces that have His special mark on them. These are pieces that are hand-crafted from Heaven, that I could never produce on my own; and I am truly thankful. Thank you for your ministry to me and all of your listeners.

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