I don’t know how you feel to see that single parenthood life is becoming more admirable and an alternative to marriage, and the church seems to be getting more comfortable with it. Financial independence seems to be the only required ingredient to a family unit. Is God as comfortable as we seem to be?

A friend’s marriage was falling apart for many genuine painful reasons, but one day she made a decision to involve God to help. She prayed to God to save her husband and make him a pastor.

She spent six continuous months in serious prayers until God answered her desire and today, her husband is a good pastor, a wonderful husband and father.

But before God changed the husband, God dealt with this friend first. She quit complaining and determined that she was to do her part as unto God.

God is not blind, brethren. God transformed her attitude to one of not fault finding or revenging. She saw her husband as one in need of God, not one full of faults.

May God help us realize that much as we would like to own our marriages, marriage is as sacred as life since it is not a man’s idea, but God’s.

If we honor God seriously and care for His institution, we will be concerned and view our marriages not as our own, but God’s property.

Before we give up on our marriages, have we taken time to involve the Initiator of it all on a serious note?

May God help us individually to make a decision to work on our marriages with God as the interested party.

In marriage, we sign up to succeed, and the beauty of it all is that one can refer to the Initiator for help.

And God is very much willing to help and is able to sustain a victorious marriage, helping us to understand that love does not give up!

by Mumbi Vickie Ngangu

5 Responses to Don’t Give Up

  1. Carriebell says:

    Its good to be patient and looking forward to our God when faced with this difficulties. Arm yourself with the best weapon to fight your problems. Your husband is not your enemy and so learn to fight the real enemy who is the evil one. kindly watch a movie by the title ‘War room official teaser trailer 2015’.its such an inspiring movie…………..be strong dear and God will surely put your husband back on track

  2. Heather Singh says:

    definitely a sign from God, his timing may not be by our “clock” but He is faithful

  3. cheryl says:

    Just was about to make the final decision with my attorney to bring an end to my marriage. I just can not live with my husband’s unfaithful life style and now i receive this news letter. is this what God wants not for me to give up? well can you help me pray as well? I love my husband but his life style is hurting me badly.

    • Karen says:

      Praying for you, Cheryl.

    • Katie3 says:

      Dear Cheryl

      God came through to me and saved my marriage not once but thrice. I was wanting to give up once and I refused to pray any more because I do not want to be soften down, I knew if I talk to God, I will soften my stand about walking out. When I was packing my table, I saw a piece of paper which I wrote to God and my husband.. and the song came “into your hand I commit again with all my life for you Lord, you hold my world in the palm of your hand and I am your forever. Jesus I believe in you, Jesus I belong to you, you’re the reason that I breathe, the reason that I live, with all I am.” When I sing to the 2nd part of the song, my heart has soften and I did not walk out of my marriage.. “I walk with you, wherever you go through tear and joy, I’ll trust You. And I will live in all of your ways, and your promises forever .. Jesus I believe in you, Jesus .. “. His grace is sufficient and His strength is make perfect in my weakness.. after the song and reading again what I wrote many years ago.. I decided not to walk out and I choose to trust in God to work out my marriage, to give me beauty for ashes.. is a long process.. but didn’t we have the faith hero like Abraham who wait for his child for many years. Our God is faithful.. and after many years, another incident happen and was very very bad and I want to walk out, the Lord stop me, I wanted to end my life but the Lord again come through to me once more.. is the lies of the enemy tormenting my mind, given me dream and suicide thoughts.. again the Lord broke through for me, in my darkest moment the word just came forth from my mouth.. satan you lie to me, my fate is not in your hand, your fate is in my hand .. I will not let you lie to me and win. Next second I was out from the depression and sadness .. and I work on my marriage once again and I get back my joy and my strength once again. This is our amazing God.. healing the broken heart and more than able to restore marriage. My husband knew he almost lost me twice and it was the Lord who protected our marriage. And he is allowing God to work in his life, not he sheer discipline not to disappoint me but trusting and depending on the grace of God. He knows by his own love and strength and determination, he could fail again.. thus he is looking to God for his grace to strengthen and fortify him. Committing himself into the grace of God.

      Hope it does bless you. Trust the Lord and work with Him for your marriage. Give it another chance..

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