From the beginning of Genesis (Genesis 4:4) to the end of the Bible (Revelation 22:3), there is a common theme: the Lamb.

In Revelation 6, we read about the Lamb who sits in the midst of the throne, worshiped by all of heaven because the Lamb was worthy to take the book and open the seals therein. The most harmless of creatures, the object of sacrifice, becomes the authority of heaven. Isn’t it interesting that the focal point of heaven is a Lamb?

The world seeks power, fame and glory. The world’s mentality is “survival of the fittest.” This is the way “nature works”. And yet, how would a lamb fare in this competitive environment?

It appears to be the weakest of all the animals, and yet, is the symbol of power and authority in the Kingdom of God! An amazing paradox. Authority in the Kingdom of God is marked and even defined by gentleness and sacrifice, in total opposition to the world’s definition.

When Jesus died as the lamb of God, He revealed the greatness of sacrifice. Several of Jesus’ paradoxical statements illustrate His Kingdom priorities. “He that loses His life for my sake shall find it”. [Matthew 10:39]. “He that seeks to be greatest in the Kingdom shall become a servant to all”. [Matthew 23:11]. Victory through death? Gain through total loss? Great stature through abject servanthood? Such are the beautiful ways of our Lord.

Meditate on the Lamb, and you will discover the greatness in humility, the authority in harmlessness, the responsibility in servanthood, the victory in surrender, and the majesty in submission to the great God of creation. In His world, servants become kings; surrender becomes victory; death turns to resurrected life. Take hold of the paradox of the Lamb. Take hold of the Kingdom of Heaven!

by George Whitten

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