The idea of obedience has fallen on hard times in our culture.

On one side are those who don’t believe obedience in the traditional sense of following a set of moral guidelines is even possible.

Another unhealthy view is that obedience is only for those who are not strong or smart enough to order their own lives.

Is there a better, healthier way of looking at obedience?

One place to start is with the background of the English word. It is derived from the Latin obaudire, which means “to listen well.” At the heart of obedience in the Bible is relationship. Obedience is based on the deepest level of communication where the other person is heard and understood.

For Christians, this means that obedience cannot be reduced to a simple list of do’s and don’ts, but is tantamount to an act of worship. We look so closely at God and listen so closely for His voice that we act in ways that show we are engaged in conversation and communion with God.

Obedience. Listening intently. Understanding the heart of another.

When looked at that way, how obedient are you in hearing God’s voice?

Lord, teach me to listen to Your voice and follow You in loving obedience. Amen.

–author unknown

4 Responses to Obedience

  1. Steven Lumonya says:

    Great Message to start off my day. My parents taught us obedience quite early through respect of hierarchy and this became implanted in us and has become part of us. We were taught to respect and obey our seniors regardless of gender – in Africa this can be a challenge especially among the male flock. This has had me show obedience for even those younger than me and in supervisory position over me. We pray that our young people today learn some of these lessons of obedience.

  2. Maricar E. Brazil says:

    Obedience to the almighty God Shows how much we love Him and cared about how He loves us.
    I thank God for Everything. As we Obey to Him it simply implies the Goodness that the LORD had brought to us.

    Thank you FAther!

  3. Keri Siegel says:

    I love the correlation between obedience and relationship. I’m a living testimony of that. I was raised in a difficult family. Consequently, I didn’t trust authority figures; and my lack of trust in them made me fearful of them, which in turn made me angry. Because of these issues, I looked for ways to NOT obey authority figures that wouldn’t get me in trouble. So, I always had an excuse or I played pass the blame for anything that didn’t make sense to me. I became pretty good at it, as it was a survival skill. As God began healing my relationship with Him, He began healing my relationships with authority figures outside my family. As He did, I stopped offering excuses and playing pass the blame; and I started listening more, even when it didn’t make sense to me, because I saw that even when they were wrong they had my best interest at heart. I trusted that! So, I began obeying more.My difficult mother is raising my daughter, which is a long story. Unfortunately, she tries to keep her from me, which even my daughter at 14 turning 15 knows. I pray that God will bring healing first to my mom’s heart because the way she treats us both is coming from a place of extreme pain and unresolved issues in her heart that she’s running from; and I also pray that God would heal my relationship with my mom in a way that only He can. Thank you for sharing this. Be blessed.

    • Susan Privett says:

      Keri, I love your honest,open heart speaking and flowing with love in difficult situations. Jesus’ love can and does heal, restore and provide all we need. His faithfulness and mercies are abundant. I stand on these promises. I proclaim them, and in return worship forms in deeper and more meaningful ways. Trust is belief, hope, and a declaration of these things. I too have been given “opportunities” in this life to learn to love more fully “difficult” people, myself included! The practice of patience and obedience to Him, really listening and letting go so I may be held by the One who has it all covered has brought immense growth in my life. I will pray with you and for you as we seek His healing for you and your family. I have learned it may not look like what we think it should look like and be. He always has the highest and best answers for each of us. In Jesus’ name I send this note of love to you!

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