“Give thanks to the Lord. Call on His name. Make known among the nations what He has done.” Psalm 105:1

This verse is very simple, yet it contains statements that can be very difficult to do.

1. Give thanks. Thank Him for Who He is, for what He has done for you, for His blessings, for the people in your life. Sometimes this can be difficult. No one knew better than Job how difficult life can be. But when his whole life was taken away from him, Job still worshipped. Another difficult thing to do is give thanks for an answer that is yet to be received. When you pray for something and God says that He is going to answer you, you are thankful. But when you go for months, or even years, without seeing the answer to the prayer, can you still thank Him? We should. That is the very essence of faith, and a very difficult thing to do. So we try to leave it at the Father’s feet. The problem is, we take it back. Is that faith? Every one of us has something to be thankful for. So thank Him.

2. Call on Him. The Hebrew word for call means to call out to, to cry unto, and the Greek word means to call a person by name. So calling is more like crying out to Him. Pray. You may think “Well that’s easy”, but how many of us pray every day? How many of us take the time to say more than “Please be with me today.” Calling on Him is knowing that He will be there when you call. We can tell Him our troubles and pray for others. Romans 10:12 says that He richly blesses those who call on Him. So we not only cry out to Him in distress, but we call on Him to receive His blessings, His presence and His power. So pray. He wants to hear from us.

3. Tell others. Here, everywhere. Share His name. Here at home, across the street, across the country, across the world. In the Great Commission, Jesus said “as you are going”, make disciples. This can come at the most unexpected times. I was recently able to pray with a Muslim man I was acquainted with from work. I have no idea what the Lord is going to do through that prayer, but it was definitely a blessing to be able to do that. Making known among the nations also means to share what He has done in your life, not just sharing Who Jesus is. If you really think about it, God has done miraculous things in your life. Why not share those things with others? God is good all the time and all the time we should share Him.

–by Pam Rehbein

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