We are blessed to have two types of peace: the peace of God and peace with God.

When Christ shed His blood at Calvary, He paid the price for our peace and reconciliation with God. But in addition to no longer being separated from our Creator, when we walk with Christ in faith, we can experience the peace of God—no matter what is swirling around us.

It’s an incredible privilege, knowing that God never forsakes us and being in His presence continuously. We cannot see Him, but we can still know with certainty that He is near as we enjoy His fellowship through prayer and Bible meditation.

God’s peace is available to all who will receive Him and allow Him to be an intimate part of their lives. He wants to teach us how to walk in perfect peace. He longs to spend time with us and to be all we need in every situation. He can handle all of our cares and pressures.

Have you drawn near to God? Have you leaned on Him with all your needs and concerns? Are you ready to enjoy His peace?

Lord, thank You for the peace of knowing You. Give me grace to walk more closely with You today and enjoy Your peace more deeply. Amen.

–author unknown


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  1. Jim says:

    In these days of presidential campaigning, peace is what we all need. Let us focus on God’s peace and ask Him for guidance, as our country really needs it.

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