The American gold rush ran from 1800-1900 in various states. It swept the nation as people flooded the west.

It started the cry: “There’s gold in them thar hills!”

No one disputes the fact that gold is valuable. We sometimes question why people would go so far from home to look for something that only a few would obtain.

However, people do the same thing today.

They search for happiness, thinking it is in the lottery, Publisher’s Clearing House or some job. Did you know that most big lottery winners end up in depression, losing family and friends and often destitute?

Why search for something that will make you miserable? Besides, God says the silver and gold are His anyway (Haggai 2:8).

Psalm 19: 9-10 says “The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous ltogether. More to be desired are they than gold.”

As believers, we should not be caught up in the quest for wealth or power. We should be more concerned about Who we have than what we have.

Those of us who are believers will have gold; in heaven the streets will be made of it! (Revelation 21:21)

But even though it will be beautiful, we have something worth much more than gold. In fact, it is worth more than anything this world can offer.

We will be in the presence of Almighty God Himself!

You are more precious than silver, more costly than gold. Nothing I desire compares with you. 1Peter 1:7

–by Pam Rehbein

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