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Put Your Pen Away

We all know people who love to make lists.

Generally, people make lists to organize information, or to prioritize their day, or to keep from forgetting something important.

A lot of people think of Christianity as a list of things to do, and a list of things not to do.

But you cannot define Christianity by what someone does or does not do.

I could write down everything I think a Christian should not do, and it would be a pretty long list. Then I could write down what I think a Christian should do. Add those two lists together, and that is what some people think it means to be a Christian.

To be a Christian is to be right with God.

It is being, not doing.

We confess our sins, we turn from all known sin, we invite Jesus to come into our life, and then we are right with God.

God looks at you and says, ‘This person is right with me.’ And He writes your name on the palm of His hand where it can never be forgotten.

–by Dr. Ed Young of WinningWalk.org

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