A quiet time is an intimate, face-to-face, heart-to-heart connection with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. It’s the time when you actually build your relationship with Jesus. Specifically, it is a time for you to get up every day and read the Bible and pray and get closer to Him.

A lot of people say to think to themselves: “I prayed a prayer, but I don’t feel closer to God; or I felt really close to God when I was at that retreat or camp, but now I don’t feel very close to Him.”

You’re not going to feel close to anybody if you’re not spending time with them.

If you were married and didn’t spend time with your spouse, the two of you would not grow any closer. Actually, you would move farther and farther apart.

A quiet time is an expression of your commitment to be a true follower of Christ. It’s as if you’re saying, “Lord, I’m going to make sure that I don’t accidentally get farther and farther away from You. In fact, I’m going to use this time to get closer and closer to You.

I’m going to use it as a time to get fed by You and to get filled up with You and to understand more of You.” Before you do anything else, start your day with God. Talk to Him, seek Him in His Word and pray through your day.

Make it your top priority.

Maybe you’ve never had a quiet time with God before. Start thinking about what kind of quiet time you want to have and where you want to have it.

Think about what time you need to get up in order to have enough time to read your Bible and pray before you start your day with the world.

Your personal relationship with God is the dynamite that it will take to affect this generation. You will begin to spread the gospel as your character becomes like Christ. This transformation process can only happen in direct relationship with Christ.

The more we know Jesus, and look like Him, the easier it will be to lead people to him.

by Ron Luce

9 Responses to Quiet Time

  1. Phillip says:

    I love the way this message leads..it speaks to the heart and nature of the loving Lord in Heaven and the reason why He came to earth to be with us…nearer to us.

  2. Joel Canders says:

    I agree with this, because lately, I have been really making decisions to get up earlier, & spend my time with the Lord praying, & reading the word more. As a result of doing so, I get a lot of oppurtunities to speak, & pray with people who don’t know the Lord. The results are amazing. God bless you Ron Luce for this post.

  3. Funmi K. Olajide-Williams says:

    Your Quiet time page is inspiring and highly motivating. I pray for more inspiration from God for you to continue this project in Jesus name, Amen. The Kingdom of God is at Hand, Getting closer to God is the answer. Shalom.

  4. Karen Marguerite says:

    Thank you, Ron, for a beautiful reminder. I really needed that this morning!
    Blessings on your ministry
    Sister Karen OP

  5. Doreen says:

    Very encouraging and explained simply – the way Jesus would have done.

  6. Olga Crabtree says:

    I love this……

  7. jenita Dick says:

    I beleive it i have tried it and it works

  8. Sunday says:

    Honestly this message on quite time gives me personal encouragement to devote more and specific time to relate with God.

  9. Doreen says:

    Beautiful ministry and a word in season!Very much encouraged

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